Welcome to the New Year!

I love this picture of one certain skier I know!  January has so much hype attached to it.  A time to set new goals, and resolutions.  A time for new starts.  In New England a time of new starts in the cold I must add. Not such a great time to set a goal of oh - running two miles every day!  But it is a time to enjoy what comes our way, like this snowstorm.  Sunday looks like it should be a beauty - well before the wintry mix arrives late in the day, but we won't discuss that.  Sunday should be beautiful - 33 degrees and just perfect for perhaps an afternoon on the slopes.  (As a side - Bretton Woods offers a great deal for NH residence on Sunday afternoon - give them a call for details).  Perfect for a sledding party, XC skiing or snowshoeing!  

It is in the midst of January, and often after a few ski lessons that I see this amazing transformation in the children.  I often wonder if teachers of kindergarteners who do not ski, see this same change.  By the end of January, the children have a new found confidence.  They are pretty sure there isn't much they can't do.  Show me, so that I can do it myself truly becomes their mantra.  I credit this new confidence to skiing.  "Hey, a month ago, I couldn't stand up on skis, and now you put me at the top of a hill and told me to ski down it, and I did it, and I want to do it again, but his time faster!"  How rewarding it must be to realize, that with a little practice you can really achieve anything!  In such a short amount of time, they have learned how to count, write numbers, letters and sounds.  Some have begun reading or strengthened their old skills.  Now with skiing upon us they will learn so quickly how to soar down the hill - they will have complete control of this and they will just grow by leaps and bounds!

I will not lie to you, taking 5 and 6 year olds skiing is a TREMENDOUS amount of work!  It takes planning and of course lots of help.  I get home after a day at the hill with them and there isn't much left of me.  However, skiing is such an important component to our program.  It teaches the children at an early age that perseverance has its rewards.  You would be amazed at how fast they learn, after two lessons, they are usually well on their way.  This lesson, learned with friends at such a young age, sticks with them forever.  I see the results in the classroom as they take chances or work a little harder at something that is tricky.  There is no doubt in their minds, that they can do it.  Hey, they skied down a mountain!

January is here!  We'll reflect on the goals we set in September and go forth with a new determination to be our bests!

On a different topic.  I have discovered that it is far quicker to load pictures from our days to facebook vs. this platform.  I will still put pictures here, but not as many.  Please link over to our facebook page to see all of the great shots!  We didn't make our goal of 100 likes on our facebook page by Christmas. . . but I am sure we can do it by Valentine's Day!  I think some folks forgot to like the page at the top, rather they just liked the post.  Tricky isn't it?  Have a wonderful weekend - enjoy that powder on Sunday.  See you Monday.