Cabin Fever!

We got outside today(Monday); that is already one more day than last week!  We certainly were all feeling the effects of no recesses and bitter temperatures by the end of last week. Friday afternoon found the classroom in completely disarray and all of us in a generally grouchy mood.  Thank goodness this week looks a little bit better weather wise and to help brighten spirits our new play kitchen arrived!

A very special thank you to Mr. MacDonald who spent four hours Sunday evening putting this charming little kitchen together for us!  It was just what we needed to change our moods! With a little rearranging it was also possible to add a table dedicated to just the kitchen.  The children took turns being waitresses and waiters today, offering their patrons calamari!  The kids made up menus and had a ball playing with this new area.

I love to watch the children take ownership of their work and play.  They really were being creative with the kitchen and having lots of fun too.  I was super impressed with how well they kept the kitchen neat and organized.  While the kitchen was being built, I spent four hours digging out and cleaning up.  I told the kids this morning that I really needed their help in keeping everything neat and tidy - they did a great job.  It is a tenet of our classroom that you pick up behind yourself and put one thing back before taking out another, but sometimes we forget and I hadn't been as vigilant about reminding as I should have been.  However, today we got back on top of things and when the children left this afternoon, everything was tidily put away.  It is a great way to leave and an even better way to enter again in the morning.

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