We LOVE September!

The weather gods must be looking down on us each and every time we visit the Squam Lakes Science Center!  We have had a string of beautiful days there, and Friday was no different.  That crystal blue sky was our backdrop for lots of fun and exploring.  We started our day with a hike through the trail. Each child had a scavenger hunt of things they needed to find while we walked.  Children who have a command of writing were asked to copy the work that identified the item, children who are just learning to write, noted each item with the first letter of their name.

locating where all of these animals live.  field, tree, underground, etc.

We were most fortunate on this visit, that we were at the otter exhibit at feeding time.  Each child was able to toss a fish to the otters!

Time at the Science Center is just good for the soul.  The slow nature of a visit this time of year (without all of the large school groups) makes it just a perfect place to relax and explore.

After lunch we had a spirited game of "What Time Is It Mr. Fox?" We just couldn't resist kicking off our shoes and wiggling our toes in this nicely mowed grass!

Once we worked out all of our wiggles we found one of our favorite shady spots at the Center and read Lois Ehlert's Waiting for Wings.  We then found our way to the milkweed patch in search of signs of Monarchs.  The Monarchs are far and few between this year, but we looked anyway - we did see a few leaves that had been munched on, but so signs of eggs, caterpillars, or chrysalises.  However, all was not lost.  The children had so much fun discovering what is on the inside of a milkweed pod!  The pods are not quite ready, but they are nearly there.  This little one LOVED them.

 In the week ahead we will continue to work on building community and transition from our study of butterflies to a study of apples!  We will also welcome our favorite reading teacher, Mrs. Sharp on Thursday as she will start her weekly visits with us.  Who doesn't just LOVE September?