Apples, Apples & More Apples!

We had a wonderful day on Tuesday visiting the Cardigan Mountain Apple Orchard!  As always, the Bleiler family welcomed us with open arms and took great care of us while we were there.  The orchard certainly is a family affair, between the harvesting, baking, cider pressing, mail order business and the farm stand and store. . .  this family has their hands full!  We are so thankful that they continue to welcome us to the orchard.  Be sure to stop by their farm store here in town, or make the short, but beautiful trip up to the orchard!

Apple picking was terrific, but the children enjoyed their time playing at the platform, on the woods edge and in the field just as much!  We had a spirited game of fox and squirrel.  Thus the many battle wounds that were evident Tuesday night!  The children also tried to find items from nature that were certain colors and we read a perennial favorite about Tractor Mac!  It was a fantastic day at the orchard!

The apple fun did not stop on Tuesday!  Friday we made apple pie from our apples!  We did all of the preparation and mixing of the pie at school and then took it over to the library to bake in their new oven!  The smell of apple pie baking made many library patrons very hungry!  It was delicious.  I hope you were able to enjoy a little nibble from the pie the children took home.

We will be finishing our study of apples this week and moving into fire safety and prevention with a visit to the fire station.

These are our finished hopes and dreams stars.  Mrs. Sharp and the children spent Monday morning decorating these beautiful stars and adding their dreams to the ribbons.  The children were very pleased with the end result.  They are stunning.

Here is a sampling of some of our hopes and dreams.

To be a hockey player

To be an ocean scientist

To be a ballerina (with wings)

To learn to read

To learn to count really high

To learn to draw

To learn to do more addition facts!

Once we finished our stars we sent one home and we hung the other one near the entrance to our classroom.  Here we can reference them and chat about how we are doing meeting our goals.

Here is one lady working on a Wilson reading lesson.  Everyone started reading lessons this week.  Some of the children are giving lessons too!  Multi-Age is a wonderful thing!

The forecast is looking promising for a beautiful week ahead.  I am sure it will be a great one!

If you haven't gone onto the website to volunteer for the Kelley Park playground project, please do so.  The number of volunteers will help with the grant process!