Guest Author

 Over the next seven weeks we will be publishing our student authors on our website.    Using the Picturing Writing program created and made popular by Beth Oshansky, in collaboration with the University of New Hampshire, the children learned basic story elements such as setting, problem, solution, and conclusion.  Enjoy your summer reading!

Due to a formatting issue, we are only able to bring you one of this illustrator's pictures.  To see them in person was amazing!

It is sunrise, the sky is orange.  Vines sway in the cool breeze.  Rabbit hears crickets chirping in the grass and birds chirping in the trees.

Rabbit leaves his sandy home to get some stuff for his new burrow.  He doesn’t think he will be able to find his way back.  Rabbit put out a nut next to his burrow so he could find his way home and he hopped away.  Not long after he had gone a neighbor came by and ate the nut!

When happy rabbit hopped toward his burrow he just couldn’t seem to find his home.  He hopped past his burrow, but he did not know.  After a long while he finally figured out he was lost.  He was a scared rabbit.  Then finally he heard rattlesnake and blue jay in the distance and he hopped toward the sound.  As he got closer, his neighbors got louder.

Rabbit goes closer to the sound then he finally knows it is his neighbors and Chippy helps rabbit find his home.  The rabbit puts stuff in his burrow and then eats a fresh carrot.  Rabbit was happy.  The End.

Jennifer MacDonaldComment