Just One More Time!

The end is quickly pulling in on us.  Bittersweet is how we feel.  The joy of such a small class is that we get to know each other so well.  The down side is that when the end comes, it feels very uncomfortable for a lot of us. For many of our students who have been with us since the beginning, they are in their final days before starting a new journey, in new schools with new classmates.  This thought can be tough to handle when you are five/six. For others, the end of school marks the start of a new adventure on another continent!  How exciting, but full of so much unknown.  For those of us that remain, the thought of days without out our trusted friends is daunting.  The last week of school is joyful, but with a little sadness mixed in too.

As we come to a close special request pop up.  "Can we do sight words one more time?"  We have had so much fun singing along with Ms. Heidi this year.  These sight word songs and movements are great.  The kids just love them.  The songs incorporate the best in teaching and learning research.  It is well documented that children learn best when new information is presented in both an auditory and kinesthetic format.  These sight word songs meet the children’s visual, auditory, and kinesthetic needs.  The songs really propelled some of our students into reading this year.  I would encourage parents to purchase Heidi's sight word cds for the car or the dvds for home.  I know it is a bit hokey, but your children would just love if you would do the dvd with them a few times a week over the summer!  Continued reading practice will be essential for retaining all of their newly acquired language skills!

Have fun with it!

Take a look at Heidi's sight word products here.