Parents Love HCMA!


Our daughter has a late birthday, that misses the September deadline to start Kindergarten, Heart Centered Multi-Age’s unique program of letting these late birthday children start Kindergarten with the intention that they will do two years in the ‘K’ program has made all of the difference for her.  We have watched her grow in leaps and bounds both socially and academically!  After the first year at HCMA she was reading and her confidence had increased greatly.  In the second year, she was able to take on a leadership role in the classroom, a role which only made her confidence soar!  We are so proud of her and all that she has learned in her time at HCMA.

As a parent, we could not have asked for a better school experience for our child or ourselves!  The communication between school and home was terrific.  Through email newsletters, reminders, and the website, we were always aware of what has happening at HCMA.  Being able to see our child’s teacher each day at drop off and pick up was also important to us.  We utilized the extended day program, and we always knew that our child was in excellent hands and that she was still learning and having enriching experiences even after the official school day had ended.

Not only did our daughter love going to school, she always looked forward to Friday fieldtrips!  Some of her favorites included the ski program at Ragged Mountain, hiking Rattlesnake in Holderness, and going to the Ocean!  These activities kept learning alive for our daughter.  Topics that they had been studying in the classroom were reinforced outside, making the learning truly valuable. 

Our entire family has been welcomed into the HCMA family.  Together we have celebrated Thanksgiving dinners and end of the year gatherings at the lake.  Our older son is always welcomed by the teachers and the students at HCMA.  When all of the families at HCMA get together, there is a real sense of community.  We would not trade our time at HCMA for anything!

We would love to share our experience at HCMA with you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Scott and Deanna Sanschagrin