Friday was a day of celebrating at HCMA!  We started our morning with a birthday circle for this special six year old followed by a day of celebrating our Earth!


It was time to do some transplanting... the first picture shows the seeds three weeks ago when we started them, we were concerned if we didn't transplant them before vacation that we would return to a jungle!  It was heart wrenching to have to decide on just one sprout to leave.  Removing the weaker sprouts was a very difficult decision!

Our artists were hard at work with these Earth Day pieces!  They do such great work!

Spring is always an exciting time.  The children have all grown so much.  They have grown in every way . . .  they have developed concentration for sustained work, their fine and gross motor has transformed.  They have learned about being a good friend and now can often be heard mediating disagreements. I tend to get a little 'misty' thinking about how much they have grown . . . and we have seven more weeks to go . . . just watch how far they go!