Sights and Sounds of Construction!

Our town is undergoing major renovations.  When these mighty, pavement breaking, machines are finished the downtown is going to be beautiful, but let me tell you it is proving to be an interesting adventure!  Leading up to this particular day of destruction, our dear parents have been dealing with different traffic patterns each day and no parking!  This makes pick up and drop off especially difficult. . . each morning parents come through the door looking a bit jostled.. but then we all just start laughing, because what can we do about it?  However, yesterday certainly tried all of our nerves!

When I arrived at school I was unable to get into my normal parking spot, because they were using this tool, called the "Asphalt Zipper" to rip up the pavement outside our door.  I knew as I rounded the corner and saw this commotion, that it was going to be a interesting day. After finding a suitable parking spot (Very hard to come by these days!) I ventured out of my car. Loaded up like a pack mule (This is how most teachers enter and retreat from school each day!) I made my way through the construction zone and quickly dashed into school.  The sound of the "Asphalt Zipper" was deafening. Did I mention it was right outside our door! With the door closed behind me, I took a breath and prayed that they would quickly move on!

Move on. . .  they did not!  By eight o'clock there was a full blown construction site outside our window.  

Eventually this hole that they were digging came right up to the building.  They were trying to connect the sewer main to each building.  It was our special day!  You can just imagine the fun we had, as we had to use our basement back door to exit to the library!  "Are there spiders down there?"  "What about the mice?"  My response...."Close your eyes.... we'll go quick!"

All of my teacher colleagues out there will enjoy this picture. . .  "How to save the day?"  Actually the kids did really well.... perhaps better than their teacher did!  My nerves were pretty tattered by the end of the day.

It was sort of fun to watch. . . . 

Until the stuff started falling off the wall!  And that is a story for another day!