Maple Madness at Prescott Farm

It was a "Girl Party" in the sugar bush!  Several families were away last week, leaving just the girls and one very good natured Dad to discover the sugar bush at Prescott Farm in Laconia.  We were blessed with a perfect spring day, just warm enough for the sap to run and keep us comfortable while in the woods.

We met Cathy, our guide, up in the classroom and hiked down through the fields to the sugar bush.  

Along the way we took a little detour to play in and around this great old maple tree. Cathy told us that the tree is still growing, despite the massive hole in its side.

The girls learned how to identify a maple tree by its bark and branch pattern, as well as how large a maple should be before it is tapped.

Plink, plink....plink!  The beautiful sound of spring.

Remember - 40 gallons of sap to one finished gallon of syrup.  

We had a wonderful time at the farm.  Sugaring is one of those events that marks the passage of time for children.  Toes in the brook must be just around the corner if sugaring is upon us!

I couldn't resist.  This is a picture from last year's trip to the sugar house!

Look what we were wearing!!!