Happy Parents! Happy Kids!


Teacher Jen runs a highly structured, well-organized school. Her communication with parents is outstanding. She promotes kindness in the classroom, respect for others and is fair and logical with her discipline. We know our daughter is receiving a top-notch educational experience. 

We have watched our child blossom into a confident reader. Her fondness for science has greatly improved. Teacher Jen incorporates hands-on learning that reinforces the educational material she is presenting in lessons. It was a thrill for all the students this past Fall to watch their classroom caterpillars turn into butterflies. They were able to learn about the life cycle and witness it first-hand! We have been so pleased with all of her educational gains this year and she is proud to demonstrate her new abilities via work samples and with us at home.

Beyond educational gains we have been very pleased with the social and emotional gains our daughter has made this year. Previously, she had experienced some negative socially experiences at school that impacted her emotionally. It was very important to us that her school climate be one that she felt safe and supported in. From the minute she enters school to when we depart, she is always receiving love and kindness by her peers and teachers. You can feel the warm, positive energy the minute you enter the school. As parents we value this tremendously. 

One of the highlights for Ava this year has been the field trips that HCMA embarks on. They are educational in nature weaving together something learned in the classroom to the real world. There are not many schools that have the ability to make this connection for students. Not to mention how much fun the students have on these trips!

Ava has a strong interest is the arts and she has enjoyed Wednesdays with Mrs. Broome! She just said this morning, “I wonder what project we will do today with Mrs. Broome?” Our walls in our toy room at home are covered with lots of creative art projects and writing activities. Two weeks ago all the parents enjoyed a live performance by the students of 'Stranger in the Woods'. A collaborative effort by the students that left them all feeling very proud. 

We would recommend Heart Center Multi-Age to all parents/guardians. Your child will have an enriching educational experience where they will not only grow as a student, but emotionally and socially as well.

We would be happy to answer any questions or discuss our positive experience as parents.


Matthew & Erin Wright