Rituals Make for Happy Kids!

Birthdays are a ritual that we celebrate often at HCMA.  Children are happiest when they know what the expectations are and how the 'world' will work.  Celebrating birthdays marks the passage of time for the children, but the 100th day of school also is a major marker in time for the students.  The second year students were delighted because they knew what to expect, they knew how we were going to celebrate and they were excited to share this knowledge with the first year students and help those who might need it.


Like many school children across the country, we made 100th day crowns and brought in collections of 100 from home.  We had a wide assortment of collections and so much fun sorting them!  

Each child decided how they wanted to sort their collections.  Some chose to sort by 5s, others by 10s, and some were sorting by 10s but counting by 2!  After they sorted out their collections they used sticky notes to label each group.  They worked with such determination and focus!  After all the collections were set up, we took a tour around the classroom and each student told us about their collection and how they chose to sort them.  

In addition to crowns and collections we also did some exercising!  We made estimates on how many jumps, skips, etc we could do in 100 seconds and then we did some trials!  100 seconds is a really long time!

Mrs. Broome continued the 100 day fun on Thursday, with an art project - each child did a self portrait of what they thought they would look like when they are 100.  Delightful!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the 100th day.  Such collaboration!

Today looks like it is going to be a beautiful day!  How will you spend it?  There is a certain mountain calling our name!  Time to pack the ski bag!  Have a great Sunday.