December Traditions

We have been traveling the world this week, learning about Christmas in Norway, Finland, and Sweden, and making Friendship Hearts.  A quick stop in France with the making of pomanders and my favorite stop of all Italy, and the story of La Befana.

However, daily life has not come to a stop just because we have been traveling!  Here is a sample of the math work that was popular this week.

What I love most about our classroom is that everything is self initiated.  This child decided he would work on writing numbers to 100 for a bit.  Not a bad choice at all!

Counting and writing numbers by 5.

Working on math sums.

Ordering and writing numerals 0-10.

Another example of working with numbers to 100.  The Kindergarten standard is that children recognize numbers 0-10.  Looks like we are well on our way!

Fine motor work has also been a huge hit this week.  We have turned an old work of pin piercing into a fun a fabulous work of making tree ornaments!

Pin piercing is such an excellent fine motor work.  The children really build hand strength for future writing demands as they make each ornament!

December is  not only a busy month with winter celebrations but two of our students will celebrate a birthday this month as well as many parents!  Happy Birthday to them all!