Finding Our Rhythm

Wow, we have certainly been treated to an amazing week weather wise!  Playground time has been a lot of fun.  Children have played dinosaurs, “mud kitchen”, swings and monkey bars.  The gorgeous weather made everyone happy!  Speaking of the playground, I am trying to put together different pails of toys for the children to play with while we are there.  If you have any extra sand toys, matchbox cars, plastic animal figures or horses and wouldn’t mind donating them, the children would make great use of them!

Inside, we have continued working on a variety of skills.  Children are busy choosing their own reading and math works, and helping others with works that might be difficult for them.  I overheard the sweetest exchange the other day, when one boy said to the other, “Which one sounds like ‘k’, ‘k’, ‘kite’?  Money or Kitten?  That is right, Kitten”.    They are such good teachers! 

We had another fabulous trip to the Fire Station.  The Bristol firemen are always so kind and patient with us when we are there, they never mind helping little legs up into the truck or answering our questions.  We feel safe knowing they are right down the road!  Thank You Bristol Fire Department!

Here is a snapshot of our work over the last week!

Working on letter formation!  So Proud!

Learning letters and sounds with sandpaper letters and sand.  The child says the letter, in this case it was q and its sound, and then writes the letter in the sand.  I love the older student helping the younger one here!

Working on making numbers 11-20.  These materials lend themselves to many different lessons.  First we put out the numbers and find them.  "Which one is eleven, Which one is 20?"  Then we work on making the number with beads. Eventually, after lots of repetition, the children begin to recognize the correlation between the ones and tens place.  This concept is something that upper elementary children are still often working on solidifying and with these concrete manipulatives, the understanding of how numbers are made comes very gradually and naturally.

Using apples to add.  A favorite work this week.

Practicing number formation while making an October calendar

Making artwork for the front of portfolios.

Pin Piercing.  Strengthening those hand muscles in preparation for writing and building concentration.

More letter sound practice.

Learning about ones and tens!

Impromptu animal parade with Mrs. Sharp!  (She is going to love that I put this picture on here!!)

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