Word Drawers and Sight Words

Have you heard some interesting little jingles being sang by your little one lately?  Perhaps it sounds something like “Yellow, yellow, y,e,l,l,o,w, yellow sun and banana too, y,e,l,l,o,w.”  We have been practicing sight words with Ms. Heidi of Heidi’s Songs and some of the older children even started sight word books! 

Ms. Heidi’s songs are a multi-sensory approach to learning letters and sounds.  At this point in the year, we are practicing the letter sounds and formations through song and movement.  As the year progresses we will move away from the letter sounds and move into more and more sight words.    Despite the child’s readiness for reading, they love to sing and dance along and you know what?  Even if they are not what we would classify as developmentally ready to read, they are learning about sounds and letters through movement!  Another benefit of multiage!

Matching pictures and words.

Decorating sight word books.

A friend at last week's conference gave me this amazing sunflower!  The children have been working on removing the little yellow flowers in the middle that reveal the seeds.  We made estimates about how many seeds might be in this flower.  Once we have removed all of the seeds we will count them up! The estimates are between 300 and 4,000,000!

We had a rainy day last week, when the playground was all wet, so we took a little stroll around town and looked for different leaves and acorns.  We used the leaves to do some printing.  We might try this project again as the accent paint we used on the project did not work well at all.  Not to worry though, the Crayola tempera paint arrived on Friday!

On Thursday, the children prepared apples they had picked from Cardigan Mountain and made applesauce!  The used the peeler and measured the ingredients with Mrs. Sharp.  We cooked it in the crock pot. . . ohh how delicious it was!

A bit of math work from the week.  Counting and recognizing numbers to 100 and using pattern block shapes!

We hiked up to check on our fairy houses on Thursday!  We added a few more embellishments to them and then pretended to be chipmunks while we read How Chipmunk Got His Stripes by Joseph Bruchac. Can you see their cute little chippy faces?  They loved the face paint.  After reading the story, each child found an acorn and then we pretend to be little squirrels (the chippy in the story started out as a squirrel.) and sang the "shake your bush tail" song.  Once we were warmed up we played a spirited game of tag - the kids were the chipmunks and I was the bear!  Bear is why chipmunk has stripes!

On the way back down the hill we collected some items for our seasonal table - wait until you see pictures of this next week!  So exciting!

Hoping all of you had a wonderful weekend together.  See you tomorrow!