Writers in the House!

Every year children learn to be terrific writers and every year I am amazed!  Weren't we just working on beginning sounds last week?  Well it felt like last week, but it is quickly becoming the past as our students become excited writers!  These first two pictures show work that was done with Mrs. Broome last week. The class read the traditional favorite, Stranger in the Woods and then wrote a little poetry! Amazing!

These next two photos show some informational writing that the children did over the course of a few days.  One afternoon we talked about our schema (the file in our head that holds all the information about a topic) and charted what we knew about penguins.  After charting we read a few stories about penguins and added any new information to the chart.  It was at this point that we moved any facts that we thought we knew in our schema, but proved to be wrong, down to the misconception category.  The biggest misconception was that penguins live at the North Pole.  Penguins actually live at the South Pole.

Don't you just love the eyes on this penguin?  

I am so impressed with their work!  These highly motivated children work hard each day and make me proud all the time!