It was a short week? Really?

Wow, how is it that sometimes a short week can seem so long?  It must be all that fun that we have on that extra day off!  The fact that seven children were sleeping soundly Wednesday afternoon was a sure indication that lots of fun had been had.  Despite feeling a bit lethargic this week, we still accomplished a lot of work!  We continued building community, playing together, and talking about class rules and routines!  

Here are a few shots from the week!

The number roll is one of the children's favorite activities as they can quickly see their work grow longer and longer as they write more and more numbers.  When children start this, they don't always have a firm understanding of the base ten system, and number formation but within a few weeks these concepts become stronger and stronger and they are off on their way becoming mathematicians!

The poem about the number three is part of a  number formation book that Mrs. Broome lent to us last year.  As the children are writing their numerals, we look at the book, say the rhyme together and try making the numerals.


These early numeracy activities give me a lot of feedback on what we need to work on first!


This student was working on the parts of the butterfly.  After sorting out the cards and correctly identifying each body part, the student made a book to take home.


The children have been refreshing their beginning sound skills with a sound packet.  Some of the older students have moved right into their other language art work, but the new students are working through these cut and paste packets, giving me a baseline for future instruction.

More number and quanity work!

The Piggie books are a big hit!

This young man is writing in his journal about the wooly caterpillar that he found and brought to school in this bug box!

Welcome Mrs. Sharp!  We are so glad you are here with us!  We can't wait until next Thursday!

A second year student was working on the base ten system!  "Go to the rug and bring me 3284."  They are so smart!

This is my very favorite work of the week!  A work totally inspired by the student!  I  take great satisfaction when a student takes materials in the the classroom and turns them into meaningful work of their own!  This student took her journal and started making a book about the life cycle of a butterfly.  This students initiative has inspired many others to start books of their own!  Talk about investment in learning!  Warms a teacher's heart!