From Larva to Butterfly!

Now in our second year, we are starting to turn events into rituals!  Starting the year with the study of the butterfly seems so appropriate and right for us.  Not only is the monarch our unofficial mascot (you'll find it on our school sign and on our website) but it is also a real symbol of the growth and transformation that goes on within our school walls over the year.  The children start out as one thing when they arrive in the fall and grow and 'split their skin' many times before their time with us has passed.  For some of our second year students the growth from last year has simply continued as they continue on their journey becoming stronger and more passionate learners!

Last week the little caterpillars that arrived on the first day of school outgrew their butterfly pavilion and needed to be released!  We decided to take them over to the butterfly garden behind the library and release them.  Within a few seconds all of our dearly loved butterflies were flittering into the sky, stretching their wings and exploring!

We are culminating our butterfly work this week with the making of butterfly t-shirts.  The front of the t-shirt will have a caterpillars on it, and the back will have a butterfly!  The children have started coloring the caterpillars, once we finish them we will iron them onto the t-shirts!  

While we are finishing our butterfly study, we are starting our apple study.  Stay tuned for all of the fun that is yet to fill our September days!


Mrs. Broome made this book with the children last week.  A unique version of Ten Apples Up On Top!  If you haven't had a chance to see it, please ask your child to show it to you!