The Last Big Push!

We have started our last big project of the year, making a four page picture book about a sea creature.  Each child chose a sea animal that they wanted to research.  The animals include;  a dolphin, sea turtle, hermit crab, starfish and shark.  Once the animals were decided on, we walked over to the library with Mrs. Sharp and found books on each topic.  Over the next few days, we collected interesiting facts and research on each of the animals.

Recently, we have been reading four page animal stories written by other expectional student writers, that highlight the structure I want for these animal books.  We have practiced identifying the setting, the problem, the solution, and the conclusion to a story.  Now that the children are versed in this language, it is time to pull it all together and let them have at it!

 This is an example of the setting page, written about a hermit crab.

We will spend one writing workshop each morning writing one page of the story.  In four days we will have completed the books!  I am so proud of these little writers!  Amazing and talented authors.