Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves

People are free to have their own opinions, but I truly believe that we live in one of the most amazing places.  As we drove up Route 112 in North Woodstock to Lost River George, the mountains stood tall in the background, lupines were beginning to blossom and yellow swallowtailed butterflies flitted by the car.  The sun was bright and the temperature a perfect 75 degrees.  It was the perfect day for a field trip!

On this particular day I had the boys with me, they were busy reading Fly Guy (a class favorite of late) in the back seat.  They do a pretty good job with these books, but occasionally get stuck.  First I hear the sound of a Kindergartener hard at work decoding “ b-o-n-k-d,” What does “boinked” spell?   As I am not quite sure I heard the word correctly I asked for it again,“Well maybe it was a ‘d’ the voice says from the back seat."  “No, it is a b another replies.”  "Ahh boinked."    They are such little reading machines of late.  Even in the car!  Something I could never do without being ill!

We had a great time going through the Gorge with our tour guide.  The children talked me into the famous lemon squeeze..... lets just say you have to lower yourself down into the cave on your back and slide through, between the boulders in the dark!  It was tight. . .the kids however, no problem!

After the walk through the Gorge, we ate our lunch at the picnic tables at the top that look out over the mountains towards Lincoln.  Absolutely beautiful!  The kids each have a letter from the folks at the Gorge and one free ticket.  Check Mailboxes!