While you know they are coming, and in many ways you have been waiting for them to arrive and usher in a calmer, quieter, contemplative time; somehow, the last days of school still sneak up on you and then before you know it - school is over.  That is how I feel this year.  The kids and I both knew that school was coming to an end, but it still caught us by surprise.  Thus, how this post is over a week past due.

Last Sunday, we all gathered at the beach of one of our families for a wonderful meal, some time spent together and the exchange of a few gifts.  A very special thank you to the Lakis family for offering this spot!  The weather was grand and the kids had a wonderful time splashing about in Lake Newfound. Some swam until their teeth chattered!

As a celebration for the year spent together and all of the hard work of learning that the children did, I gave them each a Jim Arnosky picture book (one of my favorite children's book authors of late) and a photo book of pictures from the year.  The pink hydrangea was a gift for our special volunteer, Mrs. Sharp. 


With a bit of help from the ever crafty, Mrs. Broome, the children made me this pot of beautiful flowers. Inside the middle of each flower, is a memory of the year, written by each student.  We've displayed the pot prominently in our classroom.  It is beautiful.

I am so very grateful for the many blessing that were placed upon our little school in its first year.  We had amazing parents, who were truly concerned about the quality of their children's educational experience, seek us out.  These invested parents sent their children to school each day ready and eager to learn.  Their constant support and appreciation, of the work being done, made the job so much easier.

We had amazing volunteers and helpers, Mrs Sharp came every week to read with the children and generally help them out with whatever project they might be doing.  She often came with gifts she found in the outdoors, such as beach nuts and pictures of trees where bears had made a 'nest'.  Most recently she brought us a snake skin that she found by her basement, while gardening.

Mrs. Broome brought her love of reading aloud and writing into our classroom, with many amazing read alouds, crafts, and projects.  Mrs. Broome inspired the little writers inside each of them (wait until you see the guest writers, here over the summer!).

Ms. Julie of Music Together came throughout the year, accompanied by Mr. Froggy to sing and dance with the children.  Catching bubbles and playing in the band where always great fun.

Next year, I am going to try to keep count of the number of books that we check out of the library, but for this year I can only estimate that we checked out over 230 books from the Minot Sleeper Library, and Mrs. T read well over 90 stories to us over our 30 or so visits!

And of course, we could have never gone on as many outings, skied, skated, and hiked, if it wasn't for the parents who volunteered to drive us around, buckle our ski boots and lace our skates.  I am so very grateful to everyone who made this year possible and made so many dreams come true!  Here is to a relaxing summer and another wonderful school year just around the corner!

After all the festivities, the dads gathered to discuss how T ball/baseball games might be made up after the previous week of rain!  We have such great dads! (Hope you all had a great Father's Day too!)