A Day in the Woods!

The kids and I joked when April ended and we had only had a few days of rain, that the saying this year was going to change.  Instead of “April showers bring May flowers,” we predicted that perhaps the saying was going to be “May flowers bring June flowers.”    Oh how our prediction has come true.  Last week saw several more days of rain, rain that forced us inside for more indoor play than our growing bodies desired.  However, we were given an amazing day for our outing to Mrs. Broome’s home!

The weather was perfect, sunny with a light breeze to keep those pesky bugs at bay.  The sky was crystal clear and the kids were antsy to get outside.  We were so excited to stretch our legs and explore!

Mrs. Broome and her family have put together a wonderful trail system through the fields and into the forest behind their home.  Mrs. Broome guided us on a hike through the trails, showing us different signs of animals and their homes along with different mushrooms, trees, and plants.  The children outfitted with bug nets for their heads, microscopes and specimen jars explored every inch of the trails.

After the hike we all ventured back to the screen house for a story.  To go along with the story, the children each hid a piece of chocolate.  While finding the perfect hiding space, a snake was discovered!

With lunch and the story behind us we ventured off to the brook to make birch bark boats!  It was a little hike down to the brook but the children didn’t seem to mind as they trudged along in their rain boots!  Once at the brook, Mrs. Broome’s daughters showed the children how to make the boats.  The kids LOVED boat making!  The children could have spent the entire afternoon exploring the woods and the rocks along the brook.  

Before we knew it, the afternoon was gone, and we were enjoying ice pops on the lawn, relaxing before heading back to school.  Beautiful days, surrounded by such great people do not happen all the time.  We must take pleasure and enjoy them when they come our way!

A very special thank you to the entire Broome family for having us out to their home and sharing their piece of the world with us.  We had a wonderful time!