We are expecting!

With much anticipation we prepared the nursery Wednesday morning for our expected arrival!  Mrs. Broome and the wood frog eggs were scheduled to arrive later in the day!

They are here, they are here!!  Mrs. Broome and I had been talking about bringing frog eggs into the classroom for a bit, but with school vacation and the time needed to dig up the necessary supplies, we got a bit behind mother nature's schedule.  When Mrs. Broome went in search of eggs this week. . . . she couldn't find any!  However, that Mrs. Broome is very determined, and she didn't give up on her quest!  After a drive to Campton, and a hike into the woods, one little vernal pool had just what she was looking for!  I am hoping that Mrs. Broome will write about her experience on the hunt, as it is a very funny story, I can't possibly tell it the way she can!  Lets just say I am very grateful that she made it out of the woods safely!!

The right amount of eggs for our tank, being transferred from one jar to another.

We put the jar in the tank so that the eggs could slowly get used to their new home.

The view from above!

Six little people are patiently waiting near by for the first sign of life.  What great parents they will be!