Happy Mother's Day

Even ten little finger

Can't count the ways

You care for me

Each and every day.

This was the verse that we put in the Mother's Day cards we made this week.  All week long we were a hustle and bustle with preparations for this big day!  About two weeks ago, Mrs. Sharp helped us paint the flower pots needed for our herb gardens.  Unfortunately our window does not get a lot of direct sunlight, so our plants were just starting to pop up when they went home Friday afternoon.  

In addition to the herb gardens, we had a special visit from one of our crafty parents on Wednesday. Sarah came in toting her sewing machine and all the fixings to make lavender eye bags for each mom. The children each took turns working with Sarah to sew, and stuff their eye bags.  They were each so proud of themselves and their newly acquired skill of sewing!  Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the sewing in progress, but the eye bags are neatly wrapped in the tissue paper below! 

In honor of all the Moms at HCMA, I would like to thank you for sending your most prized possession into my care each day.  You send them to school each day so well loved and cared for, that learning is effortless for them.  While they may not tell you often, I can tell that you are doing an amazing job in your job as Mother!  A very happy Mother's Day to you!