Fur, Feathers, and Scales

We ended last week’s unseasonably warm weather with a trip with our friends from the Bristol Nursery School to the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.  We were a few minutes early arriving for our program which gave the children an opportunity to collect the abundance of pine cones that were scattered across the stone deck at the educational building.  These busy little squirrels collected handful after handful.  One student piled the pine cones on so high that he needed to use his chin to keep them all in tow . . .  the result being a neck covered in pine pitch!  The children decided the real red squirrels were going to love their newly organized piles of treats!

Our wonderful naturalist and educator, Jeremy greeted us outside and took us into the classroom for his presentation on fur, feathers and scales.

Jeremy used this one year old skunk to discuss characteristics of mammals with the children.  The children were excited to share everything they knew about mammals with Jeremy too.

Here Jeremy is demonstrating to the children the size their eyes would be if they were a Saw Whet Owl.  Of course the most exciting part of the owl’s visit was it ‘pooping’ on the floor!  Oh to be five!

A highlight of the trip was getting to try on the turtle shell!  While there was a live turtle for viewing, it was great fun getting to try the wooden turtle shell on for size!

The folks at the Science Center do such a great job with their programming.  While all of my school visits have been positive, this educator did a really nice job holding the children’s interest throughout the program.

Before we left we stopped for a picture, we could tell that the weather was changing as the wind was picking up, and those 80 degree days of days gone by was being replaced with 70 degrees! 

The children looked longingly down onto the trail, all closed up and gated off.  The warm weather had them all wishing for an exploration through the woods.  It won’t be long!