Thursday Already!

  This week has been so chilly and raw - I think we returned to hibernation!                     Here is a press release written for the Newfound Voice.


Children at Heart Centered Multi-Age are on the Go!

The children at Heart Centered-Multi-Age have been charting March’s weather in the classroom and with Mrs. T, the children’s librarian at the Minot –Sleeper Library.  Predictions were made, would March have more lion or lamb days.  As of this writing, after six days of unseasonably warm weather, the lambs have certainly pulled ahead!

With lamb like days, and temperatures in the 80s the children have been on the move.  On March 21st the children visited Robie’s Sugar House in Alexandria.  Owner, Brett Robie gave the children a tour around the sugar house, showing them maple trees with filled sap buckets hanging from them and walked them through the process of gathering the sap in gathering buckets, transferring the sap into gathering tanks on the four-wheeler and then depositing this liquid gold in the bulk tank at the sugar house.

While it was warm enough to wear shorts to the sugar house, there was still steam streaming from the copula and that familiar maple sent was just as strong as ever.  Mr. Robie showed the children how his evaporator operated and answered all of the student’s questions.

A highlight of the visit was a tasting of the finished product.  Delicious maple syrup!  Mr. Robie has his maple products in some area stores, but also sells a lot from his home. 

Later in the week, the children at Heart Centered Multi-Age joined the children from the Bristol Nursery School for a visit to the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness for a program on “Fur, Feathers, and Scales”.  The staff at the Science Center always does an amazing job and this visit was no different.  The children learned about the characteristics of mammals, birds, and reptiles and had an opportunity to see a real, live skunk, Saw Whet owl, and turtle.

Throughout the school year, children at Heart Centered Multi-Age have been engaging in learning outside of the classroom.  The children have attended performances at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, visited The McAulliffe – Sheppard Discover Center, explored the Bristol Fire Station, learned about apples at the Cardigan Mountain Orchard and visited with an Army Corp of Engineers Educator out at Profile Falls about the adaptations animals make for winter.  The Children also participated in the ski program at Ragged Mountain and have spent time learning to skate at the Plymouth State University ice arena.

You may have seen the children from Heart Centered Multi-Age, with their yellow vests, on the move around downtown Bristol.  Be sure to say hello the next time you see them out!