Math This Week

What an amazing string of beautiful weather we are having!   These March treats are amazing little gifts!  We will take them, but I fear next week when we return to reality…It is going to be a tough transition. 

These are a few of the new math activities that were put out on the shelves in the last week or so.  The children get so excited when they see that I have lined up new activities under the calendar for morning meeting!  I often look over, before morning meeting, to see them eyeing the activity over and trying to figure out just what it is all about.

Color by number, sums to 10.

This fun leprechaun game is played with two people.  The first person to fill their game board wins!

In this game, the children roll a dice and move along the game board.  Each child adds coins to their pot as they earn them, adding two at a time.  All is good until you land on a Leprechaun trap!  Land on a trap and loose all of your coins.  This game helps children master counting by two.

This Leprechaun math puzzle is an introduction to addition equations with three addends.  Notice the three little boxes. The child puts the correct number of beads into each box to match the three different addends. Once each box has the correct addend in it, all three boxes are dumped into the white basket so that the sum can be counted up.

These blocks are wonderful for teaching number sense.  Children will use them for addition, subtraction, multiplications, and fractions, but right now we are just getting acquainted with them and using them to build sailboats and hot air balloons.