Any day at the Montshire is a good day!  Despite arriving to a chilly temperature of 18 degrees in the parking lot, we quickly made our way inside and began enjoying all the fun!  We had scheduled a Visit Plus Program with the museum staff.  This meant that we received a one hour program on fossils by one of the museum educators.  We loved touching and investigating all of the different animal and plant fossils.

Look closely at this fossil. . .  what do you think it is?

This is the grinding tooth of a plant eating dinosaur!

After inspecting the fossils we were able to make fossils of our own.  The children used clay to make their very own prehistoric lake.  Once the lake was formed, they used sea shells to imprint shapes on the lake bottom.  Once they liked the way their lake bottom looked, they then poured plaster into the lake.  We brought the lakes home with us, and we are looking forward to opening them up on Monday and seeing just what our fossils look like!

Some of the time honored favorites at the Montshire!

Bubbles. . . 

Air Flow. . . 

Circuits. . . 

We were also fortunate enough to be at the museum during the parachute building workshop.  Each child built a parachute that they were able to launch from the balcony!  Check out the monarch caterpillar in this picture. . .  see if you can find the chrysalis and the butterfly on your next visit!