Peace is. . .

Last Wednesday, Mrs. Broome officiated over 'Elf School'.  One of the works included writing about what peace is . . 

CS - Peace is helping people when they fall.

RG - Peace is watching animals play.

WB - Peace is patting and playing with my dog Rosie.

IR - Peace is my mom saving a cat in the road.

TS - Peace is my presents and my family and me opening presents and my brother and my dog.

JD -  Peace is sleeping in my bed.

MH - Peace is wrapping a present for my Mommy and Daddy.

AW- Peace is helping people when they fall down.

JH - Peace is helping a butterfly with a broken wing.

GH - Peace is playing on the playground with my friends.

"Peace is smart, wonderful, children working hard!" ~Teacher Jen

Jennifer MacDonaldComment