Glove Hollow Christmas Tree Farm

Last Friday found us at Glove Hollow Christmas Tree Farm in Plymouth, picking out the perfect tree for our classroom!  Glove Hollow is beautifully situated along the river in Plymouth, and this morning a thick layer of frost was glistening off all of the trees.

Mr. Ahern met the children as soon as we arrived and told them a little bit about the history of the farm, which has been in his family for 115 years, and about Christmas trees!   The children learned about the buds on a pine tree and how many years it takes to grow a Christmas tree.  Then it was time for the hay ride to the meadow!


Since our wagon wasn't full, Mr. Ahern was able to pick up a few trees on his ways that would be sold up at the Christmas tree shed.  He had plenty of help!

Once we picked out our perfect tree (one that we could easily maneuver and get tied onto the car!  Thank you Sarah and Deanna!!) Mr. Ahern cut it down for us.  Supervised closely of course!

After returning to the Christmas tree shed, Mr. Ahern graciously offered us hot chocolate.  It was delicious! While we warmed up Mr. Ahern told us about his own family and the chores that everyone has to do to keep the farm going.  Even his own Kindergartener has jobs to do!

However, it isn't all work and no fun here at Glove Hollow!  Can you imagine having this in your back yard?  Our students must have made twenty trips up and down this slide.  The giggles and shrieks of joy must have been heard back in Bristol.  They had a wonderful time!