NH Children in Nature Coalition Conference


I am so excited to be attending the NH Children in Nature Coalition Conference on Thursday! I can't wait to hear the speakers and attend the workshops.  I am hoping to come away with new and exciting ideas to further engage students here at HCMA with the natural world around them!

Below is a quote from the NH Children in Nature Coalitions website about their mission. . . 

The NH Children in Nature Coalition was formed in response to recent research that shows kids are spending less time outside than ever before and that this “nature deficit” is having significant negative impacts on physical and mental development. The coalition strives to get children and families back outdoors to explore the natural world by providing information, ideas and support.Our ultimate goal is that New Hampshire families will: 

 Understand and appreciate the many benefits of spending time outdoors.

  • Be inspired to get out and play and enjoy the natural world, in an unstructured way, with their children.
  • Make use of local resources, such as open spaces and the organizations that can enhance the outdoor experience.