A Note From Mrs. Broome!

How fortunate I feel to share Wednesdays with such a smiley and enthusiastic group of kids! What a delight it is to observe all that their little hearts and minds know, think, feel, say and can do!

Wednesdays are theme days, usually centered around literacy, music and art. Last week, we spent the day focusing on "us". We greeted each other with handshakes and compliments. We read books and poems, and sang and danced all about loving "me". The kids wrote riddles featuring themselves and created some pretty terrific self portraits. Check 'em out!

This week was dedicated to pumpkins. Friends measured with pumpkins, observed their characteristics, and wrote about pumpkins. They learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin and enjoyed pumpkin poems they could read by themselves!

These kindergarteners sure have proven to have artistic flair.... Take a look at their star-light pumpkins! Ask them how they were made with just red, yellow and blue paint:)

It's wonderful that little ones can succeed in doing when they are motivated and focused. I've come to learn that's what HCMA is all about!

Take Good Care,

Mrs. Broome