A Few Shots to Remember December.

Be sure to look over at the December photo album on the right side of the page, not all December's pictures made it out here in the blog.  Enjoy!

This child is getting number practice as he fills out a blank calendar page with the numbers for each day of the month.  We have been practicing correct number formation with Mrs. Broome's handwriting song.  The most important thing you could do to help your child with their number and letter formations at home is to encourage them to always start their numbers and letters at the top!  

Making the numbers 11-19 with the beads and then doing a respective dot to dot page of a gingerbread boy!

Enthusiasm and readiness for the number roll has really taken hold in our classroom.  While some children started their rolls in September, some have just started or just returned to them!  This is one of the prime examples of how we need to let the children in our charge take the lead in their learning.  I could have insisted that every child in my class do the same worksheet on counting and number formation, but how effective would that have been?  By letting each child decide when they were ready and trusting them to make this decision, they have all begun the number roll and some are already up over three hundred!  That reminds me that I need to make more copies for this!


One of our students working on Christmas crafts at the Masonic Lodge, sponsored by the Minot-Sleeper Library.  Thank you to all the Friends of the Library who helped the children with their ornaments.  They had a great time and were so proud of what they made.