January has ushered in some colder temperatures and a study of snowflakes.  We read Snowflake Bentley last week and made a list of questions we had about snow.

Why are snowflakes different shapes?

How are snowflakes made in the air?

Why does snow melt?

How cold does it have to be to snow?

How do they make snow at the ski area?

As we have read more about snow, we have answered some of our questions.  For example, did you know that almost all snow crystals have six branches?  Did you know that the temperature and the wind change the shape of the snow crystal? 

We would love to have a nice fluffy snowfall so that we could find a few snowflakes to inspect for ourselves!  


(Notice one end of the table was serving as the snack table, while the other end had this art project set up - thus the piece of sandwich in this picture!)

These pictures show an art work that we had out last week.  The children used coffee filters to make snowflakes.  After cutting out the triangles that make the snowflake, they added watercolor.