The last month has been filled with birthdays!  Last week we celebrated mine.  While it was my intention to try to sneak by without great fanfare, as soon as the kids discovered it was my special day, the game was on!

One family brought in delicious cupcakes from The Cornucopia Bakery in town, and Mrs. Sharp stopped by with balloons for all! Once the balloons arrived the children were certain that a Birthday Circle must be done.  Before I knew what was happening they had the table cloth out and the the birthday ring and all its pieces scattered across the carpet, within minutes they had the ring all put together and were asking me to light the candles.  I wish I had taken a moment to snap a photo of the birthday ring they put together.  You see, we only have a five and a six for our ring right now, so the kids put both numbers in for my birthday ring.  It read 56!

It was a wonderful birthday!  Thank you to everyone who helped make it so nice.