January Poetry

You may have already started hearing a new poem around the house. . .




Now is here—

A fine new start

For a whole new year.

The snow comes down

In the dark of night

When we awake

The world is white.

In January

When there’s snow,

We get our sleds

And away we go.

Sight Words: is, here, new, for, a, in, the, of, we, get, our, away, go, when.

Each morning we read the poem and then the children have an opportunity to pick a sight word card and find its match in the poetry.  They are very good at this and become so proud of themselves as they are able to find more and more words!  As we work on the poem and they become stronger and stronger with it, I not only ask them what the word is that they picked, but also what the line says where they placed their word.  They beam from ear to ear when they read the entire line!  If you are interested in doing additional sight word work at home, here is a little power point of additional words.  http://www.pcboe.net/les/elderweb/kindergarten.htm#highfrequencywords