What We Have Been Up To!

Reptile Graphing

Matching uppercase letters to their lowercase counterparts. 

The next two activities were created around the story Dog's Colorful Day.  With the help of the author Emma Dodd's website for this book and Miss Laura and her amazing ideas I was able to put this work together. In the first activity, the children put the control cards in order according to how they occur in the story, and then the children colored their black line master accordingly.  The control cards also have the number in the right hand corner to aid the children if they cannot remember the sequence of events on their own.

In this activity, the children took the cue cards of all of the items that made the dog colorful and put them in the the proper sequence according to the story.  Once they determined the proper sequence they placed a pom pom matching the color on the correct spot on the dog.  Reading this story several times at circle really allowed the children to have success with this activity.

We were studying butterflies after all!  A little butterfly addition work.