A Little About Morning Meeting


Morning meeting is not only a wonderful way to start out our day, but it is also just packed full of learning.  In this post you can see the verse that we start our day with.  I added picture cards to the verse to aid the children while learning it.

I incorporate calendar into our morning routine.  As you can see I have one large calendar, a hundreds chart, a money depositor and place value counter located right next to the calendar.  Each day the children add the correct date to the calendar and add one penny to the money depositor.  The children are exposed to the decimal system as we record each additional day in the place value counter.  (Three small baskets at the bottom of the calendar board, labeled ones, tens, and hundreds.) Each day we add another bead to the ones counter until we are able to make a trade for a tens bar and so on.  This daily repetition gives the children familiarity and confidence when working with money and the decimal system.

If you look closely you can also see that I have put up a moon phase chart and moon phase calendar on the math board.  Charting the moon’s progress provides a rhythm and seasonal structure for children.  We will celebrate each full moon and keep track of the seasons this way.

Located next to the math board is a an additional board holding a weather chart, a seasons chart, a guide to cloud formations, the daily jobs list and movable alphabet puppets.  What you don’t see in this picture is the bar graph that we keep each morning recording the day’s weather.



By the time we end morning meeting at 9:00, the children have already been exposed to  a wide variety of math, science, and reading skills, all in a fun and playful format.