A Few Thoughts

Yesterday was a perfect day for working in the classroom.  The cool evening air made the building comfortable to work in and the mid day rain took away any guilt there might be about not making the most of summer’s last days. 

I was able to get so much done.  With all of the bookshelves and materials in place, I was able to spend time making sure all of the activities on the shelves had all of their pieces and were ready for the first day.  It felt so nice to pull out my morning meeting book, all sticky notes and tags from years past and write the morning message that will greet the children when they arrive Monday.  I came across items left over from my time teaching second grade and realized just how much I had enjoyed that age group.  Over the last few years my professional career saw me teaching fifth grade for a stint and most recently teaching third grade.  While I was most happy returning to third grade, the primary grades are where my heart is, and I am so excited to be back working with this age group.

The realization that Monday is the first day of school is starting to set in.  All of the work, and planning that started for this school more than two years ago is coming into reality.  All of the time spent deciding on a location and dealing with upgrades and repair work is now all behind us and the real business of playfully teaching these children about all the wonders of the world will be upon us!  I can’t wait!

Three years ago, when I had a two year old on the loose, I turned to Susan Dermond’s book, Calm and Compassionate Children for some advice.  I came away with much more than just strategies to use with my own child.  I came away inspired to find like minded families and build a school that would teach our children to have qualities of the “Heart”, to be kind, just and compassionate and in control of their bodies.  I am so thankful for the families at Heart Centered Multi-Age who have chosen to embark on this journey with me. 

Before going this morning, I would like to thank a special lady who dropped by with a back to school gift for me yesterday!  We read about Amos’s sick day at bedtime last night!  Thank you VERY much!