Change is a beautiful thing!

I cringe as I post these before pictures!  I waited until I had beautiful after pictures before sharing them, because the improvement is just amazing.  Here is a picture of the bathroom when we entered the space a month ago, and a picture of the nearly complete bathroom on Friday.

The only thing that comes to mind, "yuck".


This was another combined effort as I painted the walls and my dear husband put down new tile and scrubbed the bathroom fixtures.  The project neared completion on Friday with the addition of a sink skirt which I made out of fabric that has beautiful little monarch butterflies all over it.

The bathroom won't be completely finished until I find just the right step stool for little legs and a mirror for the wall.  I'd also like to add a little side table to hold a basket of hand towels.  However, when I look at the before pictures of the bathroom I am very pleased at the progress!


Here is a picture of the front of the classroom - the space that will become the coatroom.  Notice that beautiful green color!  I am so glad that is becoming a distant memory!

And the after picture!  Isn't the yellow beautiful?  I went with Benjamin Moore paint this time, and I will never go back to the big store bought brands.  This paint was so true to color and went on easily with just one application.  I love the white trim and our natural wood cubbies.  I hope to finish this coatroom space with a rug and bench under the window for little folks to sit on when dressing and undressing for outdoor fun. Since this picture was taken the outlet covers have been replaced and that strip of painters tape has been removed.  It is really coming together!

Here you can see progress of the coatroom and front window space.