A Turkey of a Week!

The children have been working overtime putting the final touches on all of their Thanksgiving projects and activities.  Some are just realizing today that they only have one day left to finish their Thanksgiving lap books! The look of surprise on their faces was priceless when I told them that they needed to make that their starting point tomorrow!

Below is a picture of the items in our November poetry basket.  The children especially liked spinning the little Earth when their partner read, "The Earth has turned its circle", and opening the little Lego door when they heard "Open wide the doorway, Thanksgiving comes again".

Be sure to ask your little one to help set the Thanksgiving table, they've been practicing!

This child is working on a math sheet, strengthening color recognition words, and one to one correspondance.  Also on the table is the "I Can" basket.  This basket has an early reader in it titled I Can.  Once the child has finished reading the story, they can make their very own "I Can" book.

Last week Mrs. Broome treated the children to a reading of Eve Buntings, A Turkey for Thanksgiving.  The children loved this story as it keeps the reader on the edge of their seat right until the end!  All afternoon I kept hearing the children saying, "A turkey at the table, not ON the table".  

After reading the story, the children dressed their turkeys for Thanksgiving Day!  I love the bow tie and the pearls!

Turkeys on parade!  Thank you Mrs. Broome!

Today we were treated to hat making with Mrs. Sharp!  I am not going to give away many details about these hats as they will make their debut at our Thanksgiving Celebration on Wednesday morning!

Before parting ways with us this morning, Mrs. Sharp read the children The Great Turkey Race by Steve Metzger.  I love listening to Mrs. Sharp as she sneaks in those comprehension skills, such as prediction, character, and setting, as she reads aloud!