Home from the Library


One afternoon a week we put on our rain jackets (it has rained every day we've gone to the library this fall) and start out for the library.  Mrs. T meets us at the 'secret door' around back and treats us to a few wonderful stories!  The children are then given time to pick out a book of their own.  Each child is responsible for that book for the week and is able to take out a new book the following week if the first book has been returned.  The children have done a really great job picking out fun and interesting books.  It is interesting to watch each child's method for choosing a book and how their personalities often shine right through with their selection.

Last week, on library day, a student bounded through the door at drop-off announcing "I have fools gold". You can see it in the picture.  Because of this discovery, the child wanted to find a book on rocks while at the library.  Mrs. T was at a conference, but Miss Sharon was able to 'dig' up this book on rocks and minerals for him.  Upon returning to school we practiced using the table of contents to look up fools gold and then compared all of the pictures to his sample! He could not wait to take it home and share it with his family.