A Little Bit of Math

Who doesn't like a little seasonal festivity thrown into math?  These pumpkins each have an addition problem on them.  The children first set out candy pumpkins for the first addend and then candy pumpkins for the second addend producing the sum of the equation!  How am I keeping the candy pumpkins on the shelf and not in little bellies. . . ?  Can you keep a secret?  I told the children that I sprayed these candy pumpkins with a chemical that will keep them from getting moldy, so we can work with them longer!!  Everyone seemed happy with that explanation and I haven't seen any candy pumpkins near the mouth!

This student is learning about place value with the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands beads.  We had been making smaller numbers like 12, 26, 74, 532, etc, but the little mathematician wanted a challenging number to make.  1,999 was in order!  How thrilled the student was to build this ENORMOUS number!