Rattlesnake - Holderness NH

Friday brought with it another great day to be outside.  Sandwiched between two days of rain, Friday truly was a gem to enjoy.

One of our students brought in a salamander that he found in the driveway on his way to school.  With directions from his sisters to release the little guy, in the woodland, safety of Rattlesnake Mt, we were obliged to take the little guy along!  We put him in a little bug enclosure, which we thought would be a very safe place for him until we found the perfect spot for him along the trail.  All went according to plan until we pulled off the exit and a little voice from the backseat announced, “Um, I can’t find the salamander in there…”  After a line of questioning from the driver’s seat, specifically tailored for the five year old mind, “When was the last time you saw him?  Were we in the car?” we were generally able to determine that the salamander had been last scene in the car.  Everyone was put on lock down and instructed not to move a muscle until we arrived at the trailhead and could do a proper search.  The little guy holding the bug enclosure announced, “I am not going to tell my sisters about this!” 

Once we arrived at the trailhead and everyone was removed from the car, a little red salamander emerged!  We safely returned him to the bug enclosure and quickly found him a safe new home along the trail.

Don't worry, they are really not as close to the edge as they look!

What do you think is living here?

While hiking up, one of the children was holding my hand and musing about why we hike so much!  I went on this big, long, dissertation about how we are all so lucky that we get to be outside often and that we work our minds hard all week and on Fridays we get to work our bodies out.  After this lengthy conversation, two abreast across the trail, I heard a women's voice from behind. "Could I get by please?"  How long had she been hiking behind us and listening to us? We apologized for our pokey pace and away she went!