One of Those Weeks.

We all felt the change in the seasons last week.  The change made us all feel a little sleepy.  The daylight is quickly fading in the afternoon and the rainy mornings gave us a sneak peak at what is to come.  Everyone just seemed a bit sleepy as we gathered together.  A few days of rain made us begin to feel stir crazy, but just when we thought the gray skies and wet weather wouldn't stop, it did. The sun came out and we were treated to a beauty of a day on Thursday.

With the sun out, Thursday just seemed to get away from us.  We had a lot planned, get well card making, a visit with Mrs. T at the library, and a trip to the post office.  Before we knew it our morning work time was finished, it was time to go to the playground and our get well cards were not finished! We returned to school to have lunch.  While eating we made a collective decision to skip yoga and relaxation to get our get well cards finished and in their envelopes so that we could get them in the mail after our trip to the library.

The children donned their yellow vests, gathered their library books, and we set out in the fall sunshine for the library.  Mrs. T met us at the 'secret' door around back and welcomed us in.  The children were thrilled with her selections for read aloud and had great fun perusing all of the Halloween titles on display.  After this week's books were selected we continued on our journey to the post office to mail our get well letters for our friend.

The gracious postman, was patient and kind with us as each child bought their own stamp.  He even pulled out his fancy 'Cars' stamps for the occasion!  With our letters in the mail we soaked up the sun on our way back to school.  

Our location in town, really lends itself to meeting the goals of our mission.  In the past I have taught whole lessons on community within the four walls of a classroom.  Now, learning about community is second nature and happens without formal lesson plans as we are given the opportunity to visit often with folks like Mrs. T our librarian and the postman.  This coming week we will get another opportunity to meet people in our community as we visit the fire station.