Cardigan Mountain - West Side Ridge

The weather man hasn’t had a particularly good record in Bristol of late and this morning when I woke up to rain, I was rather worried that our hike up Mount Cardigan might not happen.  However, my concern was short lived, as I pulled out of my driveway and looked over the western sky, bright blue could be spotted breaking through the cloud cover.

We’ve been doing smaller hikes this spring, preparing for our trip up Cardigan.  We hiked Mount Fayal at the Science Center and most recently did a trip around the Flume.  These little hikes had everyone geared up and ready for their first 3000 footer! 

The temperature was perfect with a little breeze to help with the mosquitoes.  It warmed my heart to hear children saying, “Hey look at that chipmunk hole,” or “Did you see that mushroom Teacher Jen?”  The best find of the day was definitely the salamander and or newt eggs.  We’ve raised frog eggs in our classroom, so we're certain that these were not frog eggs.  You could actually see the little brown body growing inside – so cool!

Once we broke tree line things got exciting! “Oh my gosh, this is AMAZING!”  “Look at the view!” “I am on top of the world!”  From the top of Cardigan you can see Ragged Mountain, where we spent so many days last winter carving turns, and Newfound Lake.  It is easy to identify Plymouth (from the windmills) and Squam Lake.  The kids really enjoyed looking down on all of the places they know and visit.

While on top, we huddled down out of the wind to eat our lunch.  A group of recent college graduates and their parents asked if we could take their picture.  These kids had hiked together as young kids and were now hiking in celebration of their recent accomplishments – the bottles of champagne were a nice touch!  Five and six year olds are very intrigued by popping corks a top a mountain!  It was at this moment that I had visions of 16 years from now – hiking with a group of recent graduates.  I planted the seed up there today – that I expect a phone call when they graduate from college and we’ll go for a hike.  Now that sounds like a pretty perfect day for this teacher.  I’ll supply the champagne! 


A few things we saw today 

Hobble bush

Salamander Eggs

Magma Chambers 

Resource for hiking Mount Cardigan with children.