Christmas Celebrations Around the World

Last week was the official start to our Christmas Traditions Study.  Throughout the month we will be studying the winter celebrations of Israel, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Africa, Mexico and at home (where traditions from all of these lands are celebrated).

We started by reading the Hanukkah Bear, a story of an old, Grandmother who thinks that a bear is the Rabbi who has come for potato latkes.  Grandmother plays dreidel with the bear and serves him up a plate of warm latkes before sending him home with a new scarf!

Here a child is cutting out the candles to place on her menorah.

A mom who is always up for trying something new, tried her hand at latkes for us!

Here we are trying them!  Some tried them plain, others kept adding more apple jelly, some ate two!  It was a wonderful treat!

After a look at Hanukkah, we moved on to the Christmas traditions in Holland with the Celebration of Sinterklass Day!  This little boy is making his wooden shoe and filling it with oats and carrots for the horse that Sinterklass will ride in on!  

The children have had a lot of fun listening to stories of different Christmas traditions.  Many additional art projects have found their way to shelves and little hands have been kept very busy!

This week we will learn more about traditions in Sweden for St. Lucia Day and the good, Christmas Witch, La Befana in Italy.